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All Recently Added Machines By Type
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ManufacturerModelYearMachine IDType MachineControlConditionU / PShortSpecsPhotosList
LNSQuick Load 65 Bar Feed201116799BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL Very GoodNo63" x 2.55" Bar CapacityOn Way2011 LNS Quick Load 65 Bar Feed
MitutoyoB-710201016795COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES Very GoodYes Yes2010 Mitutoyo B-710
DMG MoriNLX-1500 SY - 500201816798LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEMori-Seiki CelosExcellentYes Yes2018 DMG Mori NLX-1500 SY - 500 Mori-Seiki Celos
MazakIntegrex e-670H-S II201116792LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEMazatrol Matrix IIVery GoodYesSwing 42.13", Swing Over C.S. 42.13", Maximum Turning Diameter 42.13", Length 162.91", 1,600 RPM, 10.2" Bar Cap., 60 HP, 80 Station ATC, Tool Setter,Two (2) Steady Rests, More.Yes2011 Mazak Integrex e-670H-S II Mazatrol Matrix II
OkumaLU-35 2SC - 2000 BB201616790LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, UNIVERSALOSP-P300LVery GoodYes29.13" Swing, 21.65" Turn Dia., 84" Centers, 2,800 RPM, 50 HP, 12 and 10 Sta. Turrets, 19.6" 3-Jaw Pneumatic Chuck, Chip Conveyor, Big Bore, More.Yes2016 Okuma LU-35 2SC - 2000 BB OSP-P300L
DoosanPuma-TT-1800 SY201816791LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEFanuc 31iBExcellentYes Yes2018 Doosan Puma-TT-1800 SY Fanuc 31iB
DMG MoriNT-1000 Ge2 SZM201516787LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEMori-Seiki MSX-711 VVery GoodYes14.5" Swing, 14.5" Turn Dia., 21" Centers, 6,000 RPM, 15 HP, 1-40 ATC + 1 - 10 Sta. Turrets, 8" Collet Chuck Main and Sub, Bar Feed Interface, Bar Feed, More.Yes2015 DMG Mori NT-1000 Ge2 SZM Mori-Seiki MSX-711 V
Mori-SeikiMR-1000 G198016793LATHES, ENGINE  YesSwing Over Bed 21", Swing Over Saddle 16", Maximum Turning Length 404", 1,350 RPM, 7.5 HP, Tailstock, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, Inch / Metric Threading, Acu-Rite III Two (2) Axis DRO, MoreYes1980 Mori-Seiki MR-1000 G
MakinoA-51200316789MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNCFanuc Pro 3GoodYes15.7" x 15.7" Pallets, 360,000°, 22" x 22" x 23.6" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 20 HP, 60 ATC, Coolant Through Spindle, Spindle Chiller, More..Yes2003 Makino A-51 Fanuc Pro 3
HaasVM-2201416788MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes36" x 18" Table, 30" x 20" x 20" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 30 HP, 24 ATC, High Speed Machining Option, Ethernet Port, Tool Touch Probe, Much More . . .Yes2014 Haas VM-2 Haas Control
MatsuuraMC-1250199016794MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCYasnac MX-2GoodYes55" X 26.5" Table, 50" x 25" x 25" Travels, 4,500 RPM, 50 Taper, 20 HP, 30 ATC, Chiller Unit, More . . .Yes1990 Matsuura MC-1250 Yasnac MX-2
MazakNexus VCN-530C II 5X201416797MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCMazatrol Matrix IIVery GoodYes61.18" x 21.65" Table, 41.34" x 20.08" x 20.08" Travels, 20,000 RPM, 30 HP, 40 Taper, 48 ATC, Chip Auger, Mazak Five (5) Axis Trunion Rotary Table, MoreYes2014 Mazak Nexus VCN-530C II 5X Mazatrol Matrix II
BridgeportSeries I 16796MILLERS, UNIVERSALBandit INeeds ServiceYes Yes Bridgeport Series I Bandit I